Issue 1: Social Justice

Social Justice, as a principle, is not a new phenomenon.  In fact ‘social justice’ as a concept was created by a Jesuit priest Luigi Taparelli in 1840 based on St. Thomas Aquinas’ teachings.

Whilst in recent times, and depending on who is using it, the phrase has taken on variable, and sometimes controversial meaning.  Yet, at it’s base, social justice remains at the core of Catholism; that is, respect for an individual’s human life.

Concern for the poor and marginalised is still at the heart of the Church’s understanding of justice.

Justice demands that all God’s children have the opportunity to be all that they were created to be: the opportunity to reach their full potential. But the sad reality is that many are denied this. Gender inequality, low economic status, physical disability, lack of access to basic health care and education, corrupt or oppressive systems of government and some unjust public policies – all these things can conspire to stop people developing to their full potential.

This edition of Garratt Publishing’s REMail, a free service for religious educators, provides a range of resources to:

  • Lead students in prayer – directly related to understanding the Church’s philosophy on justice
  • Point students to relevant scripture passages
  • Raise discussion and debate on what justice and injustice is, and how Jesus’ teaching remain as relevant today as they did 2,000 years ago.
  • Identify relevant resources for use by you the teacher or indeed by your students.

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