Issue 4: Prayer & Meditation

Prayer is defined as the ‘raising of one’s heart and mind to God.’1 As Saint Benedict said it is ‘listening with the ear of the heart’2 because listening opens us up to the presence of God. It is only through prayer that we can be truly ‘present to the Presence.’3

Prayer feeds the soul. It establishes and deepens one’s relationship with God and helps to develop the capacity to be ‘thoughtful and reflective’ … much needed ‘in a world where busyness and immediacy lead us toward the superficial and shallow.’4

It is important that that young Catholics appreciate the importance and relevance of prayer in their daily lives. Lent is a time for ‘preparation … and cleaning up our spiritual act’5 and Easter is such a time of pure joy. Both are excellent times to foster prayer in ourselves and our students.

In this issue


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