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Whether you are starting out on your spiritual journey or already travelling deep into it, religious and spiritual resources are the richest way to help you along your way. They open up a whole world of new insights, knowledge and possibilities. Faith-filled resources enrich our lives and strengthen, not just our understanding of our own spirituality but also deepen our relationship with God.

Our mission is simple! We’re here to support you! We’re your partner – here to make sure you have the very best tools and resources available to enable your faith, spiritual journey and mission to be everything you wish them to be.

We’re passionate about furthering the mission of Jesus Christ.

We do this by helping to communicate His teachings across the world and specifically, by supporting Australian schools, parishes and communities in their missions. Our team is inspired by the life and work of Jesus and others, furthering His work.

We are the leaders in Religious Education.

We are very aware of the challenges of Australian school students and teachers. We know their needs and we work enthusiastically with Australia’s leading faith educators to create and publish creative, state-of-the-art teacher, student and classroom resources. Our products save teachers time and effort as they cultivate student spirituality and deepen their faith.

We support Parishes.

Garratt Publishing has resources to support all aspects of parish life; from homily inspiration, theology, liturgy, prayer, and lectionary texts to resources for pastoral care and sacramental preparation – we have it all.

We care about Individuals.

Our faith resources for individuals are unsurpassed. We pride ourselves on the vast selection of prayer and spirituality resources, we either publish ourselves or distribute on behalf of other International publishers. So whether you want inspiration for prayer or material for deep meditation, we are confident that we will have the enriching resources you need.

We are close to you.

Located in Melbourne, we are proudly Australian and stay closely connected to Australian schools, and communities. We’re literally a phone-call away and you can depend on prompt and reliable delivery of your purchased products.


Some Examples of our work for Educators

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