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In Bring Forth Hope, Pope Francis addresses the youth of the world, calling on them to “bring forth hope to this world that is aged by wars and sin! Go forth young people!” Pope Francis often speaks to the youth of the world:- “Dear young people, do not be mediocre; the Christian life challenges us with great ideals” (Twitter, July 15, 2014) and calls on “Dear young people, do not give up your dreams of a more just world.” (Twitter, July 3, 2015)

Who Pope Francis really is and how he seems to be changing the culture of the Church in positive, compassionate and humble ways, are questions that every Catholic student should investigate and understand. The future of the Church and of the world depends on it.

Please find REmail classroom activities and a Lesson Plan to help you introduce and familiarise your students with Pope Francis and his messages. Use REmail material in total or in part to support other activities you might be planning.


I count with my fingers, and learn how to pray.
I look at each finger, and know what to say.
My thumb is the closest, reminding me, to pray for those closest, my whole family tree.
My finger that points, it reminds me to pray.
For all of my teachers, who help me each day.
My really tall finger in the middle of my hand,
Reminds me to pray for the leaders of our land.
My shorter fourth finger – the weakest of all,
Reminds me to pray for the weak, sick and small.
Last is my pinkie, which wiggles I see.
And reminds me to pray now, just for me.
And now that I’ve counted my prayers to the end,
I’m ready to do it all over again.

-From Praying with My Fingers, inspired by Pope Francis

Other Prayers

Thank you God for loving me…thank you that you hear me when I pray.

Suggestions on how to use these prayers:

  1. Learn to pray with your fingers by writing and illustrating the prayer Praying with My Fingers (drawing your own hand) and saying it out loud, holding up each finger as required.
  2. Write your own version of Praying with My Fingers.
  3.  What reminds you to pray for others? Create a visual diary for one week that reminds you to pray.



Mark 2: 13-17

17 “I have not come to call respectable people, but outcasts.”

Jesus is sharing a meal with people who were outcasts in his society at the time. He chooses to spend time with them and find out about their story and who they are, despite the rest of society not being interested. (From Jesus and Justice)

1. Who are the outcasts in our world today?
2. Why do you think they are treated unjustly?
3. Why is it important to walk a mile in someone’s shoes in order to understand them?
4. In what ways do you think Pope Francis shows that he cares for outcasts in the world, such as those who are poor and homeless? Find pictures of the pope hugging and accepting people with disabilities or deformities. See this video: :
5. Write a prayer for Pope Francis, in appreciation for the way he cares for everyone in the world.


“Let yourselves be loved by Christ, he is a friend that will not disappoint.” – Pope Francis, World Youth Day 2013.

Lord Jesus, you want to be my best friend. Thank you for loving me, and help me let you love me more. – Bring Forth Hope

Suggested Classroom Activities

For teachers: Find Quotes by Pope Francis on Pintrest:

Print out and read to class. The students may wish to use their ipads or colouring pens to create their own visual quotes by Pope Francis.
See individual printable classroom activity sheets.


Lesson Plan

The lesson plan for Pope Francis is available from the button below.

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Classroom Activity Sheets 

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